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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay with my dog while they're groomed?

The vast majority of the time, yes! Staying may even be encouraged if a dog is anxious. There are very rare circumstances where a dog may struggle more with the process when their guardian is present; however, I'm willing to try if you think it is best for your pet.

Do you medicate dogs?

I do not, nor will I ever, give medication to clients' dogs. This includes pharmaceuticals, as well as 'natural' calming aids/chews etc. I am not a veterinarian and it isn't safe or recommended to use these products without veterinary guidance. I may, however, recommend that your dog seek mental health medication from a veterinarian or veterinary behaviourist if I believe it will help, as this can be crucial in order to allow some dogs to feel safe and have a positive, fear free experience. However, this will need to be administered by the dog's guardian prior to the appointment, following their veterinarian's guidelines.

Do you offer breed clips or teddy grooms?

How I groom a dog depends mostly on how comfortable they are with the process. I can do most common breed trims and am happy to give others a try with the right dog, however my focus is 100% on the well-being of the dog. I won't brush out matting to keep the dog in a certain style as this is very uncomfortable for them and they don't understand why they have to go through this painful process. When a client comes to me with behavioural issues, the number one priority is maintaining their coat so they are comfortable and healthy; that doesn't always equal an aesthetically pleasing groom.

What techniques do you use?

At The Funky Foxhound, we use force and fear-free training and grooming procedures and utilise techniques such as co-operative care and low-stress handling to help your dog feel comfortable with the process. This means your dog will receive different forms of reinforcement throughout the process, including treats, play, physical affection such as scratching and petting, and under no circumstances are punishment or corrections used. We are constantly adapting our techniques to provide the dogs with as much freedom, choice and control over the situation as possible, in order to align with modern scientific research.

Will You be offering other training services in the future?

We plan to offer further co-operative care training for vet procedures in the future, as well as potentially other services; watch this space!

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