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At The Funky Foxhound, we use science-based, positive training techniques to help build your dog's comfort towards the grooming process. We empower your dog by giving them control over the session and teaching them communication methods to reduce their need to display undesirable behaviours.

We aim to identify the reason behind your dog's behaviour and find an appropriate strategy to help them feel better about the grooming process. This may involve pinpointing silent pain or discomfort, addressing fears and anxiety, and teaching dogs what they can do to succeed in the salon, rather than what they can't.

Your dog's mental and physical well-being will always come first and foremost. Whilst we love making dogs look beautiful, we focus on ensuring your dog's groom is comfortable and practical in accordance with their behavioural needs.

What does this mean for you? As your dog's guardian, you will need to help facilitate the trust building and learning process by attending regular appointments, partaking in occasional required homework, and being open to using other services (e.g. veterinary or physiotherapy) alongside our work together. As their loving caregiver, you can take comfort in the guarantee that your dog's interest is always at the heart of our work.

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