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The Importance of Nail Maintenance

DID YOU KNOW? The length and shape of your dog’s nails can significantly affect the way that they walk and can increase wear and tear on your dog’s joints. This handy illustration is a great example of the normal stance of a dog, versus how their stance may be affected by overgrown nails, as well as the points at which increased tension occurs in the leg as a result. Not only can this cause acute irritation for the dog; it can lead to realignment of the joints, a change in appearance, and ongoing health problems. Overgrown nails can also break and become infected, and increase your dog’s chance of injury. In worst cases, the nails can curl right around the foot and grow into the pads on the dog’s feet, creating wounds and becoming extremely painful. Breeds such as Pugs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are particularly prone to this issue as they often have nails that grow around closer to the foot than many other breeds.

So, how do you know if your dog’s nails are too long? Their nails should not touch the ground when in a standing position, nor should they be heard when the dog is walking on hard flooring. The length of a dog’s nails can be receded over time with regular maintenance – for dogs who are less active or are not wearing their nails down with regular running on hard surfaces, the nails should be clipped a minimum of once a month. For dogs with significantly overgrown nails that need to be slowly receded, a fortnightly clip is enormously beneficial. However, the nails do contain a vein (known as the ‘quick’) so it is important that the nails are clipped by somebody who is experienced and comfortable in doing so to avoid injury and possible infection. At The Funky Foxhound, we are passionate about the health and comfort of your dogs. For this reason, we offer nail clipping at just $5 for all breeds of all sizes, and as of Monday we are introducing nail clipping loyalty cards – purchase four nail clip sessions, and receive the 5th free! We don’t require a formal appointment for nail clips – just call or text and we will let you know if we are available. We would love to help you to improve your pet’s health and happiness!

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